Ben Salicco MA. LPC, LCDC

Ben Salicco MA. LPC, LCDC

Few people experience life without some form of trauma. However, when those experiences exceed ones capacity to deal with it, respond to it , or make sense of it, the trauma can continue speaking in the life of the individual. It arrives without much effort and is a voice that whispers ideas formed during the most difficult parts of ones life. My goal is to help people stop listening to information that is no longer reliable and disrupts the process of thinking clearly.

Much like a fever signals illness in the body, emotional distress can signal a problem in the mind, and the relationship ones physical body has with the brain. Rather than avoiding the problem or suffering in quiet desperation, seek help. Counseling alone may not solve the entire problem, but it can significantly reduce the impact of negative or unwanted emotions and give you tools to manage emotions and navigate situations that disrupt your life.

Trauma has the tendency to keep speaking and informing the undercurrent of many affected individuals. Ben is trained in Somatic And Attachment Focused EMDR and has found it to be tremendously effective at resolving the trauma undercurrent that we often unconsciously co-exist with.  

Ben Salicco is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. He works out of North Texas Mind-Body Counseling based in Flower Mound, Texas. Ben has experience working with individuals and couples who suffer from problems with depression, anxiety and trauma caused by emotional, sexual or physical abuse. He also has experience working with individuals diagnosed with personality disorders, with a special emphasis on borderline personality disorder.

Marriage and Couples Counseling

It's not uncommon for relationships to start out great and then reality sets in and life presents challenges and difficultes. One's ability to function is often measured by how the relatioship is managed at the most stressed points of each individual. Giving up too soon can often mean missed opportunities, joys and the potential to experience intimacy that was thought impossible.

We carry our life experiences and what we have learned into our relationships. Sometimes what we have learned, wittnessed, and practiced in our lives can be the source of negative patterns in relationships based on faulty relational learning. It is often difficult to have perspective on oneself, enagaging in the process of inquiry into the dynamics of the relationship can be life changing for both individuals involved. 

Don't give up before you've tried counseling! Your best years may be just around the corner. 

Mood Disorders and Borderline Personality 

Personality disorders and feelings of extreme emtional dysregulation often result in an inability to maintain relationships, friendships, jobs, and feelings of internal chaos. Practical skills can be acquired to assist individuals with overcoming and mitigating the internal reality that personality and mood disorders cause. Ben has experience utilizing elements of Dialectical Behaviroal Therapy and Mindfulness based strategies to assist individuals with regulating their emotions and gaining stability in their emtional life. Don't continue to suffer in quiet desperation. Partner with a counselor who can get in the trenches with you instead of continually being a victim of your internal life.